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The Farmhouse Mission is an ecumenical Christian ministry that welcomes and respects all people and provides a place for anyone to come and discover fresh ways to encounter God. Our mission is to provide a place where anyone might grow in their understanding of God and belong to a community of like minded travelers on the way. The Farmhouse was founded by Brad Pickens in 2002 on the farm that has been in his family for seven generations, and the physical farm house is a log cabin that was built by his grandfather and great grandfather during the Great Depression. Since then the property has been expanded, updated and modernized to provide comfortable spaces for prayer and community, rest and reflection. Brad earned his Ph.D. in Literature, Theology, and the Arts from the University of Glasgow, where his research focused on Christian history and theology, theology and culture, American religion, and Christian spirituality. He also holds a M.A. degree in urban studies and he has concentrated on issues of urban and rural poverty. His wife Kara, who co-leads many retreats, also earned a Ph.D. in Literature, Theology, and the Arts from the University of Glasgow and focused on Christian theology, women's studies, and Victorian literature. She is passionate about issues of social justice, particularly as they relate to the field of education, where she has made her career.
Contact our office: The Farmhouse Mission, Inc. 3191 N Co Rd 300 E Orleans, IN 47452 812-865-4549 E-mail us here