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Out of our goal of spiritual formation through retreat, springs another component of our mission, where The Farmhouse functions as an outpost of Christian action that seeks the good and benefit of its surrounding community. The area where The Farmhouse is located experiences rural poverty on par with certain parts of Appalachia and faces significant challenges in arriving at positive solutions to these problems. When we began The Farmhouse, we set an explicit goal that we would not create new ministries, but would develop partnerships with groups already at work in the community and work to strengthen and help struggling organizations develop to their full potential in order to meet the daily needs of the poor of Orange County. In this sense, our mission is to be present in our community to do good, to seek justice, and to help equip others to create community and care for its inhabitants. Over the years we have partnered with many church and community organizations to provide help and service to those in need. We have also played a key role in the development and support of ministries all over the globe. We have done this by providing the spiritual and emotional support that is needed by clergy and those involved in lay ministries and through retreats that are geared towards building capacity within a church or organization. These Discovery Retreats are opportunities for a community to explore its own make-up and assumptions and discover where and how God is leading them. Find out more here.
Contact our office: The Farmhouse Mission, Inc. 3191 N Co Rd 300 E Orleans, IN 47452 812-865-4549 E-mail us here