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How do I schedule a retreat? Contacting us via the e-mail link below is the best way to make an inquiry. It is best to be in touch with us well in advance as our schedule tends to fill up. However, we can often accommodate last minute requests, so don't be afraid to ask! How many people can the Farmhouse accommodate? We have hosted one day events with over 150 people, though the size of a typical retreat is considerably smaller! For retreats where participants will be lodging with us, we can host around 12 people very comfortably, and as many as 20 people if needed. Individual retreats are welcome. How much does it cost to come on a retreat? For a typical retreat, we have a suggested donation of $80 per person, per day. This allows us to continue to offer our ministry to all who come. This fee is inclusive of food, lodging, and retreat materials. Some special retreats carry a different fee, based on the requirements of the retreat. Discovery Retreats for church, para-church, or other organizations are based on a fee structure that is arrived at through an initial consulting process. What should I expect during my retreat? The fundamental elements of any retreat at The Farmhouse are meditation on scripture, prayer, rest, fellowship, and food. The day is structured around the Daily Office, directed meditation, and the opportunity for participants to experience the farm on their own or to provide their own direction. What should I bring? All food and linens are provided, so the only thing that you need to bring, aside from yourself, are materials that will help shape you during your retreat. Bring the scriptures appropriate to your community, a good book if you like, and clothes appropriate to the season so you are prepared to walk on the trails in our woods. We encourage people to leave phones, portable music players, and the like in their cars so that they are capable of focusing on their spiritual journey and avoid the distractions that they came here to get away from!
Contact our office: The Farmhouse Mission, Inc. 3191 N Co Rd 300 E Orleans, IN 47452 812-865-4549 E-mail us here