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Welcome. This is a Farmhouse. The Farmhouse Mission is a center for discipleship and community development that is located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana. Since 2002, we have welcomed people from all over the world and from all walks of life in order to share our life of prayer with them through spiritual retreat. In these retreats The Farmhouse teaches a way of being and living in the world that expresses the fullness and abundance of life, the rich joys and blessings of good food, of quiet evenings with friends, of walks in the woods and evenings by the bonfire, of a life dedicated to prayer and to the discovery of who God is, and, by extension, who we are. We express this abundance of life through our retreats where we welcome people from around the world to share in this life and where we strive to equip people, through the prayed reading of scripture and through meditation, to minister to and care for others in the world they inhabit. It is this goal of our retreats that leads us to another understanding of mission, where The Farmhouse functions as an outpost of Christian action that seeks the good and benefit of its surrounding community.


Contact our office: The Farmhouse Mission, Inc. 3191 N Co Rd 300 E Orleans, IN 47452 812-865-4549 E-mail us here